Sketching Tours



When was the last time you slowed down and really observed the sights, sounds, and textures of the beauty around you?  In our fast-paced world, it's hard to do that, but the art of sketching allows us to do exactly that in a way that taking photos never will.

In the same tradition as the artists and architects of centuries past, sketching our surroundings is a way to document and remember the places we visit.  It's also a great way to have fun while sharing a few laughs with friends and family.

Over the course of 2-2.5 hours, you will receive instruction in sketching a particular location using pen and watercolor; sample a local product(s), such as a delicious beverage or chocolate; learn a little bit about the history and stories of the place we are visiting; and create a keepsake that you can take home with you.  We'll provide all art supplies for your use, help you set up your composition, and assist you through the sketch process.  Groups are kept small, never more than 8 people, so that everyone can receive individual feedback and ask questions during the experience.   For those of you that are more advanced, you are free to choose a different view or create multiple sketches during our time together.  At the end, each person will leave with your very own 8x10 sketch to remember the day and perhaps, a few new friends too.

Check out the calendar to sign-up and to see when the next sketching tour will be happening near you.  General descriptions of the Virginia and Hawaii experiences are found in the drop down menu.

Private tours can also be arranged for larger groups or those that want something more specialized by contacting us with your request.  You can also visit our FAQ page for more details.