Contact Joe if you're interested in a custom commissioned piece of artwork. He would love to collaborate with you to create a one-of-a-kind painting as a decoration for your home or a gift for a loved one.  Joe's original watercolors are painted on 140 lb. (300g) watercolor paper using artist grade permanent watercolor paints.  Likewise, his acrylics utilize 3/4" or larger gallery-wrapped canvases and high quality artist grade acrylic paints.

As an architect, Joe believes we are influenced by the spaces around us and that it is important to play an active role in shaping your personal ones.  Surrounding yourself with images of places like the university you attended, the site where you were married, or the first home you purchased can serve as great reminders of significant places in your life.  A travel sketchbook of a favorite vacation abroad with friends and family can help us relive exciting adventures. For those with military experience, a painting of the ship or base that they served on can be a meaningful way to honor their courage and dedication.  Of course, a portrait of a special four-legged friend always brings a smile to our face, too.  Whatever that special place, event, or thing might be; Joe will work with you to capture it so that it continues to bring joy and happiness in the years ahead. 


Home Illustrations

Honoring Military Service

Pet Portraits

Collegiate Traditions - Great for graduation gifts and framed with diplomas

 Travel Sketch Journals and Collages